Getting to know you and your career goals.

We invest time in you. Key to our practice is investing the time in getting to know you as a professional and as an individual, as identifying the right job is as much about adding to your experience as well as finding the right culture fit. It also means we are in a much better position to really highlight your skills and personality when representing you to a client and get you that all-important job interview.

We are there each step of the way. Once you have an interview (or several) we want you to succeed – which means helping you prepare for your interview as well as we can, giving you any additional information that will be helpful in your research about the company and the people you are about to meet. We help you manage potential job offer processes and are there for you when you start your new job – and after! Once you are at your new desk we want to know how your first day and week has gone and how you are settling in a month later and keep in touch beyond that.

We are honest. If we don’t think an opportunity is right for you, we will tell you so. Most company secretaries make several moves during their professional lifetime. If we don’t find you a role immediately, we hope to do so at some point in the future. If you are trying to make a difficult decision between roles we will give you our honest opinion in the matter, and support you no matter what choice you make. All we ask in return is that you also stay open and honest with us.

We like to keep in touch – even when you are not actively seeking new opportunities. Our communication with you will not just start and finish when you are job-searching but will be ongoing throughout your career to truly understand in which directions your skills are developing and help you plan your career moves.

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